Intercon Energy sold two further windfarms to Lähitapiola Group

Just in the beginning of the new year 2015 two more sales agreements were signed with Lähitapiola Group in Espoo. The investor is now strongly developing its wind power production in the municipality of Siikajoki, where the investment fond already bought the first project of Intercon, Vartinoja I with 9 WTGs. The new projects, Vartinoja II and Isoneva I, consisting of 6 and 23 wind turbine generators are located just next to Vartinoja I. Thus it is possible to use the same connection line as Vartinoja I from the wind parks to the national grid.

The construction of Vartinoja I is running and start of operation will be in Q3/Q4-2015. The construction of Vartinoja II and Isoneva I will follow fluently after Vartinoja I. Expected are 29 WTGs in 3MW class.

Currently Intercon is working on the development of another bordering Extension, Isoneva II with 6 WTGs. For further information concerning this project please see our homepage or contact us.