When is the best time to buy a ready permitted project?

We will offer you ready permitted projects in the beginning of 2011. To get one of those it is advisable to contact us now in order to agree on conditional sales agreement.


Are there many projects offered in Finland?

There are quite many projects under development, but very few are or will be offered for the free market. By contacting Intercon Energy and Oxford Intercon Finland you probably reach the best market for projects offered to private investors.


If I make an early entrance decision, can I be sure to get the project as planned?

Early entrance investors have the best choice to get the project they need. There is no guarantee to get the project as planned, but the Intercon-Group has eliminated the risks as far as it is possible. All projects are controlled all the time for possible risks to be able to avoid unexpected factors to appear.


When should I place my investment?

There are several possibilities, and you can make the placement at any time of the development cycles. Principally, the earlier you decide for the investment, the lower is the price for the project, the better the chance to get the project– and the bigger the risk for delays or changes in the project. To wait for the final building permit is a risk to lose the project for investors making decisions for early entrance.


Can I sell my investment during the operation period?

This is quite normal at any time. There is a good after sales market for wind farm shares.


Is wind a quick-profit-investment?

energy investments and wind energy as well are representing long term investments. The life time of a wind farm is 20 years or more.


Who would invest in the wind farm projects?

Funds, institutions, companies, private capital.
Everyone looking for profitable, low-risk, long term investment and bringing up the equity needed.