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Wind farm Ajos, 39 MW

The wind farm „Ajos“ is located at the northern coast of the gulf of Bothnia near the city Kemi and the border to Sweden. The turbines are located on artificial islands in shallow waters and along the coast line.

Since 2006 a total number of 13 turbines of type WinWind WWD-3 with a nominal capacity of 39 MW have been erected in two building phases, since 2008 the wind farm is working under full capacity.



Intercon Energy Oy has closed the development of the Wind Farm Vartinoja I in Siikajoki, Finland. The Wind Farm consists of 9 WTGs and a nominal grid connection capacity of max 25 MVA.

The project has been sold to a Finnish investor Group with Lähitapiola as main shareholder (90%) and Tuulisaimaa Oy as minor shareholder. The construction works stared in march 2014. Start of operation es expected for Q1/2015

The investor group also signed for an option to buy the other projects in Siikajoki, Vartinoja II and Isoneva with a total of 32 additional WTGs. The option has been called in March-April 2014 when the building permits have been issued. Masterplan was finally accepted on may 14th 2014.